Zynaptiq Wormhole shows the way to new unknown sound worlds

By | April 5, 2021

1731085239_Wormhole1.png.83b0f8e90cb3261b3ba503f52653a50c.pngFuturistic window to unknown sound worlds. Wormhole is popular with those who design sound for science fiction movies.

German Zynaptiq is one of the fans of power plugs that fundamentally distort sounds that pass through them. Wormhole is not new, but the latest update contains important improvements, such as the ability to scale up the interface so you can see what is going on in the effect. The expansion of the preset banks is also very welcome. That’s why this overlooked gem qualifies for our guide. Wormhole is a tool for you who like to create ambient soundscapes, drones and futuristic rhythms.

Wormhole is skewed, timed and filtered. The sum of the signal is then sent through reverb and delay which in turn is affected by Wormhole’s controls. Stepless mixing, so-called morphing, is also included in the possibilities. The plug is consequently used well by those who design sound for TV series such as Westworld. It is not uncommon for the sound that goes into the effect in principle not to be deduced from the content that comes out. And it’s as fun as it is exciting.

892906345_Wormhole2.png.451d0c36c13d92fc3fe1f53abf9e4de1.pngBehind the SF-influenced interface, the signal paths are pedagogically reported so that you can see what the plug is doing.

However, it is important to point out that Wormhole sounds exceptionally good, especially the pitch changes. One thing we lack is the ability to control and modulate power processes via, for example, a sequencer inside the plug. Feel free to check out Zynaptiq’s entire product suite if you are looking for new and different sound images.

1779074818_Wormhole3.png.be74119ab3513b1a527a23c386003db2.pngTo make full use of Wormhole, we recommend controlling controls in real time via your midi control and then record and edit the information in your recording software.

Video: Zynaptiq WORMHOLE Trailer

What: Multi-effect
Manufacturer / contact: Zynaptiq https://www.zynaptiq.com
Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X
Format: Vst, Au, Rtas Aax
Award: Approximately SEK 1,915