XLN Audio XO takes drum sounds to a new dimension

By | April 5, 2021


Swedish XLN Audio recognizes many from the drum plugs in the Addictive Drums series. However, the latest product XO is something out of the ordinary. This is a new way of reviewing and processing audio files, preferably in large quantities.

By analyzing and indexing samples, XO shows a map, where sounds with predominantly treble end up in the upper right corner (hi-hats, shakers) and samples with a lot of bass frequencies (kicks) end up in the lower left. Swirls, and effects are visible in the central parts of the interface. The different categories are displayed with colors and when you control the pointer over the drum space, the sounds are played in real time.


In addition to the included audio library, we have had the XO index about 40,000 percussion sounds here.

It is much faster to choose the right sound and put together a drum kit compared to sitting and looking for file names in folders. Under “Edit” you will find an 8-track groove machine with extra everything. You have access to controls for such things as volume, pitch, touch sensitivity, filters, swing,
panning, transient generator and two power buses.

There is also a power rule on the master channel for compression. Either you record drums in your music program or you use the built-in sequencer. The included midi patterns are a good starting point.


Locate a folder with samples on your hard drives, and then let XO catalog the audio files.

It swings almost unnecessarily much if you shift tracks towards each other and use the accent function. The random button to completely sonic change kit from the drum space is a creative spice.

We do not have the ability to import midi files with rhythmic content. However, you can export both midi patterns and audio files directly into your music application. Excellent help functions help you on the run without having to fiddle with a manual.


XO’s groove machine is one of the better we used. It is quick to get the right kit and a great turn.

Video: Exploring the XO Space

What: Sampling / drum sequencer
Manufacturer / contact: XLN Audio https://www.xlnaudio.com
Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X
Format: Vst, Au, Aax and independent programs
Award: Approximately SEK 1,919