Two New States and I Dream of Weenie

By | April 5, 2021

This time we get to follow David Henriksson on a depressing casino gig, choir wetting and Swedish hangout in Nahsville.

Week 44 began with a return trip from California via a stopover in Denver, Colorado. Back in Nashville, I met Göran Eriksson (Jill Johnson’s guitarist and conductor for many years), his wife Karin and their two children. We had dinner at Local Taco which is only a five minute walk from where I live. Göran and Karin have been to Nashville a lot in recent years and it was extremely nice to talk about all the experiences and experiences we have had in Music City!

On Tuesday, the search for an acoustic guitar continued in the Two Old Hippies store. Found some really good instruments, but still nothing that felt right to me. You become more and more picky with the years clearly and small details that you may not have noticed when you were younger and less experienced can today make you refrain from actually hitting and buying a guitar. I also picked up a check from Father Rachels for a gig we had played a couple of weeks earlier, went to the bank and redeemed the check and got help from a bank adviser on how to go about building up your credit level. When it was time for dinner, I called my friend Glen to see if he was eager to hook up. He was sound checking for a Halloween gig. “RIGHT!! Halloween is TODAY !! ” Haha… In some ways I have really got used to living in the US, but in other ways you are a bit behind the float so to speak…

Had a quick dinner and then went to the Mercy Lounge where both Glen and another friend with the appropriate (and rhyming) name Ben played a show with a Quentin Tarantino theme. Lots of songs from his movies and in addition they projected sequences from the movies on a storm screen behind the band. Both Glen and Ben were part of the house band that backed up a lot of different guest singers. Really cozy evening, may I say!

Many nice gurus at Two Old Hippies.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went and met the Swedish trombonist Oscar Utterström who has lived in Nashville for over 15 years and also Adam and Charlotte Atterby who were visiting Nashville. We had lunch and talked a lot about everyone’s respective experiences of Nashville. Oscar had 15 years to sum up, while I had 4 months and the Atterby couple 3 days. You got some perspective, so to speak.

Then I had a phone meeting with Guthrie Trapp (who is sponsoring my work visa) and we discussed a bit regarding the recording of my future solo album, VERY exciting! Then I went and listened to Göran and Karin who played an acoustic gig at InDo Nashville, a very nice place I have never been to before and sjuuukt good game and song! Damn what a Swedish theme it became this week !! He also goes to Acme and sees Guthrie’s gig which he always runs there on Wednesdays. Fantastic inspiring guitar playing as always !!

Awesome gig by the duo Thyra consisting of Göran Eriksson and Karin Thyr!

On Thursday I had time for a run, strength training, writing and posting some postcards, buying beard oil, toothbrush and deodorant (life may sound glamorous when touring with a country singer who sold 14 million records but such products are NOT sponsored with haha) , have lunch at I Dream of Weenie, plank three songs for the upcoming gig, shower and wash your hair and pack your bag for a six-day tour. Most of the time I usually stay away for two or four days so this felt like you would be away from Nashville for a really long time…

In Dream of Weenie is a food truck that claims to be “East Nashville’s only full service weenery”. Awesome sausages and today’s specialty are always worth a try!

This weekend we would play in Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota and I would thus be able to add two more states to my list (Iowa I had played in a couple of months before). In both Iowa and Minnesota we played at casinos and in Kansas the gig was at a theater. Casino gigs in particular are quite special as you can get a little uncomfortable when you trudge around the premises during the day. I get the feeling that there are many, many very lonely souls who have lost the spark of life who are there and sitting alone at a slot machine and hoping to win even though they barely know what they would do with the money if they won. Quite tragic in the glow of LOTS of neon lights and glamor…

Awesome gig and amazing audience in the Red Wing, Minnesota.

When you play on theater stages and there is not as much space to hang out except in the lodge, the tour bus or the hotel, you do not have the opportunity to see part of other people’s lives in the same way. Both types of gigs clearly have their advantages. It was a very nice tour turn and now that I have been in the band for two months, I really start to feel warm in my clothes and dare to add more and more of my own musical expression to the songs instead of just playing exactly what is on the recordings . Both Tracy and the others in the band really encourage this as well, which of course is incredibly fun and I feel that they find it very rewarding with a supplement from a younger generation that contributes with energy and joy of playing!

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