To think about when recording a song

By | April 6, 2021


It is likely that it will be better with these tips: Start by finding a room that has a little ceiling height and you will avoid reflections / bounces that make the sound unclear. If you are at home, or where you are now, try to put soft fabrics / blankets or mattresses around the microphone, such as building a small booth for the same reason as with the roof, to avoid reflections.

You can also buy a screen for this purpose in most music stores, and then also take the opportunity to buy a puff cover that removes explosive consonants type “P”, “B” and “K”. When this is done, just start choosing the microphone.

If you are in an expensive and nice studio, you will have a lot of microphones to choose from, but now you may have two, a dynamic, type Shure SM57, or a capacitor microphone, type Neumann U87 or one of all clones contained in it. Always test the mics you have, on the one who is going to put on the song, because you never know which one is best. The approach is a bit different depending on the type of microphone you choose but the principles are the same.

Now it is important that the singer keeps a distance of about 10-20 centimeters if it is a capacitor microphone and 5-10 centimeters if it is a dynamic microphone, because otherwise the so-called “proximity effect” occurs, which means that the closer the microphone you stand on, the more bass there will be in the recording, and unfortunately it is not a good bass, but a bass that is very difficult to get rid of and that does not sound good. If, on the other hand, you stand too far away, the voice will be thin for the same reason, so test by letting the singer try different distances.