To build his own dream studio with Joakim Lindberg

By | April 5, 2021

199644457_1.JoakimLindbergochSickan_red.thumb.jpg.d0af5d77b48cacec6e1dbc34a2f79241.jpgJoakim Lindberg and Sickan

In this Monday interview, Joakim shares studio Sickan’s philosophy, important “do’s and don’ts” during a studio build and which gadgets are used most often.

First of all, who is Sickan?
– Sickan is my dog! She is one of our 3 doggies who works in the studio. Sickan has not missed a day and was involved in the entire construction. She’s a big part of the studio.

How did the process go when you built the studio?
– My partner and I, who have a soundproofed studio in the studio, took over two separate rooms that were at our disposal. It would be a studio without a control room, storage room, studio, song booth and a half-sized room for drums and amplifiers. None of us had any experience of building before, but thanks to YouTube and lots of conversations with a carpenter friend, it went well.

61821261_Kontrollrumfore_red.thumb.jpg.315619a4cacf7c51b2303016e187b5ed.jpgThe control room before construction.

1494110162_Kontrollrumefter_red.thumb.jpg.994dcfbe0ea48ac04cc169b87645003d.jpgThe control room when ready.

Pretty quickly we noticed that it took incredibly much longer than planned, so the amplifier room had to wait because a recording was booked in the studio 3 months after we got the contract. That time pressure and our lack of knowledge meant that we brought in external help for things that would go much faster by a professional – such as laying floors and installing ventilation. Then, of course, we had to force friends there who could help with painting and other things. Gold worth!

Can you share some tips and advice, do’s and don’ts, about building your own studio?
– Do not underestimate the budget and time of construction. And do not prioritize important things like ventilation, security, storage and lighting. It is better to do everything properly at once because it will always be more difficult to fix afterwards. And acoustic treatment is a chapter in itself, very important, but there I have had more of the philosophy of trying my hand and making measurements. But one mistake many people make, I think, is to use far too much absorption. Diffusers are also important. Especially where it is to be tracked.

Then I quickly learned to accept that the construction will never be completely finished, there are always things that are added to the list. In any case, the amplifier / drum room I shot up is finally ready today.

911919923_Liverumfore_red.thumb.jpg.24c20466c9f5b9151481a863fa79f36c.jpgThe recording room before construction.

884196582_Liverumefter_red.thumb.jpg.d3116903a3ceec33819469a653d235a8.jpgThe recording room when it’s done.

Do you have any gadgets in the studio that you hold extra dear to your heart?
– Everything that distances nicely! Conveyors, sunken preamps, fine preamps, cassettes, amplifiers, pedals and so on. There is nothing that packs and gives heat as saturation. Everything can be distracted. But if I have to mention one dear gadget that I will never get rid of, it is a FET compressor made by Polish Looptrotter called Monster. It has its own saturation part that is magical in combination with the compression. Have probably not mixed a song without it being included in some way for the past 4 years. And I have to mention my Lyrec 2 “tape, I use it a lot in both mix and recording.

What would you say is studio Sickan’s philosophy?
– It must be to minimize the gap between producer and band / artist. I always see myself as a temporary member of the group or project and that was also a reason why I chose not to build a control room. I feel that I need to be in the same room as the musicians so that we can have a good contact.

1606670375_Helastudionfore4_red.thumb.jpg.2c5a6d2d5c9e45497a37a6103af12fa7.jpgThe entire studio before construction.

1645203131_HelaStudionEfter_red.thumb.jpg.8257ea505cdf710d8a001807f0037366.jpgThe whole studio when it’s done.

What are you up to date with in the future?
– There will be a magical debut album with the band Spunsugar this autumn which I have produced and mixed. Hey Elbow also releases a new record that I have mixed. Then there are a couple of more records that are ready but where the release date has not yet been decided. You can follow me on Instagram where I try to take care of myself and tip about everything that is released.


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