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By | April 6, 2021

hanna_jarver_2_red.thumb.jpg.8dbd6a51a4c21b3b963b80368e7c1b50.jpgHanna Järver

Hanna Järver is an artist, songwriter and producer who took the Swedish pop scene by storm with her poetic and allegorical lyrics. Last year, album number two was released – a thousand frequent lies and now she is nominated for the third time in the Pop of the Year category on P3 Gold.

Want to tell me how the album a thousand frequent lies come to?
– I wrote the album for about a year, in parallel with the fact that I built a studio. It was a very special period when a lot happened in my life. The disc is characterized by high peaks and deep valleys.

In an interview, I read that unlike many other artists who see lyrics as a necessary evil, the lyrics for you are rather the core. Are your songs usually created according to text ideas?
– When I come to the studio, I usually already have a lot of text with me. I make chords or some “background” based on a feeling I have, which I then write melody and lyrics to. I usually want to get as much of the song ready as possible before I start focusing more on sound and production.

How do you write texts?
– I spend a lot of time writing text. I find it difficult to do it in the studio and usually want to sit somewhere else or go somewhere. Going out and going can also usually work. For each song I do, I usually write several pages of lyrics. Then I iron and pick fragments of what I have when I started making music and melody. Changing places when I write is usually good for me, it feels like new associations and words come to one. Like the brain opening up. Even though lyrics are very central in my music, it is always difficult to write.

hanna_jarver1_red_ny.thumb.jpg.2644d15ec2259a5e90d4585073790788.jpgHanna Järver

Do you have any tricks you use when you get stuck?
– Taking a break and doing something else for a while can usually be good. Go out and go and clear the skull a little. Or just put the song aside and start something new.

Are there any songwriters, writers or poets you have been influenced by?
– When I started writing in Swedish, I listened a lot [ingenting] and Jonathan Johansson. I also read some poetry, including Bruno K Öijer, during that period. Now I probably listen more to music in English and can be inspired by it as well.

You have also directed music videos for three of the songs on the album, the visual expression is an important part of a thousand frequent lies?
– It’s not like the video trilogy is needed to understand the album, it became more like a kind of extension of it. A little bloodier and crazier. It was late at a Halloween party a year ago that I realized that aesthetics would fit the record perfectly. I was a little eager to go in the splatter direction for a while, but it felt a little tricky to get to. But hope to be able to do it sometime!

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