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Find your sound part 3/5: the right microphone and the right placement

Now we have come to part 3 in the series “Find your sound”. I will address which microphones you can choose and how to place them in the right place. In studio contexts, we most commonly use three types of microphones: dynamic microphone, capacitor microphone and tape microphone. These three types of microphones have different… Read More »

Entrepreneurship and living on your music with Karl-Ola Solem Kjellholm

Karl-Ola Solem Kjellholm. Karl-Ola Solem Kjellholm is a songwriter and producer with a long CV behind him. He has written and produced songs for both Melodifestivalen and Idolvinnare, worked with Tiesto and The Band Perry, recorded guitar for Max Martin and also toured as a musician, both with his original band The Pusher and with… Read More »