Studio Sätra – by, with and for young people

By | April 7, 2021

1._red.jpg.c710613970cf67c1e17099bd5ff72b14.jpgDagim, Micke and Isak in Studio Sätra

Studio Sätra is a Fryshus studio built by, with and for young people in 127 (which are the first three digits in the postcode that Vårberg, Sätra, Skärholmen and Bredäng have in common). In Studio Sätra, free music production courses are held for young people between 12-19 years, partly mixed groups, but also groups open to only girls and non-binaries.

Do you want to start by telling a little about yourself?

Micke – We are fourteen sixteen-year-olds from Sätra who like music. However, there are only three of the studio builders in the studio tonight.

Dagim – When we built this studio, this spring, we went to the school where the studio is located.

Hanna – And I worked as a music teacher at that school. Today I no longer work as a music teacher, but only in Studio Sätra and some other studios.

How was the idea for Studio Sätra raised?

Micke – A classmate discovered that there was an unused old rehearsal room at the school, so we decided to turn it into a studio.

Isaac – There were actually some others who would build the studio, but it did not happen so then we took over. Except for Micke who has been with us since day one.

Can you tell step by step what the process looked like from idea to finished studio?

Micke – We started with planning and wrote a project plan where we told why the studio is needed – for example, for young people in Sätra to have something valuable to do in their free time. Then we showed the project plan to the school principal, because the school owns the premises.

Dagim – We also contacted Fryshuset, who helped with money for equipment and bought everything we needed. We were also on a study visit to Norra Flygeln in Bredäng.

Micke – Then there was a lot of cleaning and painting.

Isaac – And a lot of dirt and paint on the clothes, haha!

Micke – Once we got everything in place, we started rigging and got help from Hanna who taught us to rig everything up. After it was set up, we started having sessions together where we got to learn how to prod. We drove about twice a week after school.

2_red.jpg.95c3684f8b66131a688658dbce684782.jpgIsac and Micke

Are there any special lessons you take with you from studio construction?

Isaac – Before, I did not understand what people were talking about when they talked about type kicks and 808s, but now I understand exactly.

Dagim – I learned patience, because it took longer than we thought to plan and build everything.

Has the project opened any new doors for you?

Isaac – Now I can follow my dreams and become a producer!

For others who want to create something similar – do you have any tips?

Micke – Make sure you plan and have a lot of motivation. Try to reach someone who has contacts – for example, someone who can help raise money.

Dagim – And make sure to find someone or someone to build the studio with.

Isaac – You need to be driven.

And last but not least – what will happen in Studio Sätra in the future?

Micke – More music, more prodd, quite simply.

Hanna – We will also interview mainly local artists, producers and industry people that the young people know and can relate to. Future plans are also that when the young people have reached a sufficiently high level to be able to be independent, we will be helped to start study circles to encourage their independence as producers. I and some other young people are also building another studio in Bredäng.

3_red.thumb.jpg.63b1e8cedb539a052e7b0bbdf4c01951.jpgMicke and Isac check out

For registration and / or more info, visit @studiosatra on Instagram.

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