Studio Baggpipe in Skärmarbrink is saved – at the moment

By | April 6, 2021


It thus looks like Baggpipe in Skärmarbrink may remain. At least until further notice. The name collection that Studio wrote about gave in a short time over 6,000 name collections, which the development committee listened to. Now the dialogue with the property owner continues on how the property can be further developed and thus the threat of demolition is at least temporarily eliminated.

Until the threat of demolition is completely eliminated, the collection of names will continue. You can write here:

In this classic Studio on Palandergatan in Skärmarbrink, most of Sweden’s largest groups and artists have recorded, as well as many international world names. The studio has recently prepared a memorial site outside the house for the recently deceased Marie Fredriksson from Roxette. We have been reached by the message that everyone who wants to pay tribute to Marie is warmly welcome to the place.

Studio Baggpipe’s website: