So my song got a million streams on Spotify

By | April 5, 2021

There has been a lot of talk about Spotify lately, both rice and rose. Not to brag (or yes) but my most played song there just passed a million streams. It is now not completely transparent what royalties they pay out and it can differ a lot depending on where in the world the song is played. When the record company and the taxman have taken their place, a million streams give me at least a few thousand to buy fish sticks for – spread over a couple of years. Fat or.

You can take comfort in comparing it with national radio and the copyright money you get there. Assume that your song is played only once in a popular radio program, say Morgonpasset in P3 which has several hundred thousand listeners. It gives a couple of hundred bucks in STIM money, before tax. If a listener = a stream, then a million streams is like getting the song played a couple of times on nationwide radio and seen in that way, Spotify pays much better. This is how you have to count to not get bitter.

It’s not easy to get rich on Spotify royalty, but it’s possible.

The problem is that when you could previously sell records as well, in addition to the radio money, it has largely fallen away completely (except in connection with concerts, of course, directly to the customer). Most artists therefore see Spotify and the like as pure marketing. Then you get to make money on other things, preferably just concerts and merchandise – or an ordinary kneg. In a way, the reorganization of recent years is therefore a return to how it was earlier in history. Then you got at least * sing for one’s supper *. It was only during a couple of crazy decades in the 20th century that it was possible to sell mass-copied plastic pieces (LP, cassette tape, CD, MD) with profit, but it is a parenthesis in music history that seems to be over now. The fact that fans have begun to rediscover the LP does not change the situation in a big way.

However, people are still willing to pay a lot for a concert ticket. So it is again live music that provides income for the musicians, and there is actually something healthy about it. Of course, the risk is that fewer and fewer people can afford to have music as a full-time job and that it affects the quality. Some say that this has already happened. Maybe instead the concert quality will rise.

Depending on where in the world a song is streamed, the royalty will be higher or lower.

Well – how do you go about getting a million streams, if you are not already known then? In my case, it’s about being signed to a “record company” that is good at including songs on various compilation albums and niche playlists, something that is more difficult to achieve if you post your songs yourself. Silver Lining – Ambient Chill Version (Spotify / Apple Music) is available in several collections and – which is probably more crucial – it appears when Spotify’s radio algorithm automatically selects songs in the chill and relax genre. This means that people do not actively click on my song to hear it. It comes anyway, in the radio stream.

FAQ: Who is the girl talking in the beginning?
Answer: No idea. The voice was put there by the record company, but she hardly seems to have done any damage. 🙂