So guitarist David got a work visa to work in Nashville

By | April 7, 2021

David Henriksson is one of the few Swedish musicians who has managed to get a work visa to work in Nashville, and soon you can follow his journey as a guitarist in “Music City” here at Studio.

David Henriksson is 29 years old and comes from Tumba, and he has a lot of iron in the fire. In addition to playing with several different bands, both fixed and temporary constellations, he works with video lessons for Play Along and demonstrates equipment from a number of different companies. But in the autumn of 2014, the dream was born to move to the USA and work with music in “Music City”.

“Somehow the USA has always felt attractive, but it was especially when I went there for the first time in the autumn of 2014 and spent 11 weeks” over there “that I began to realize that I would like to be there for a longer period, says David.

During the trip, he managed to get in touch with several established musicians in Nashville, including Guthrie Trapp, who has played with giants such as Dolly Parton, Vince Gill and Garth Brooks.

– Many people liked my guitar playing and were impressed that I took such a big initiative with my trip to the USA. Several very well-established musicians said that they would be happy to help me get a job. If I had a work visa, that is.

And it would soon turn out to be a fairly large project to get a work visa because you have to prove both that you have had a professional career at home and that you have something unique to contribute in the United States.

– It requires many signatures from people in the industry with whom you have a relationship. You could say that the most difficult, and most frustrating part has been that you are so dependent on others to get through this, he says.

Tomorrow, David travels to Nashville, and a concrete project will be to record a solo album with Guthrie Trapp. With him in his luggage is his workhorse – a Telecaster, his custom-built Olsson amplifier and a pedal table built by Sound of Silence.

– I will also bring with me my home studio which is based on a MacBook Pro, a Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo sound card and a Two Notes Torpedo Reload which I use as a loadbox so that I can record my amplifier without hissing. Once in place, the plan is to buy two more guitars so that I can take most of the jobs that show up at the beginning in any case, says David.

– I have a lot of friends and contacts over there who I hope will lead to a decent job drop in the near future, but of course I will have to fight for it. The competition is incredibly fierce, but so is it here in Sweden as well. One hope is that it will be an advantage for me to be a bit of an outsider because I come from Sweden, says David.

David does not describe himself as a wholehearted country freak, he started by listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan and Gary Moore.

– Since 2008 when I got Roger Gustafsson (who plays with Jill Johnson) as a guitar teacher at the Rock Music line, more and more country influences have crept into my guitar playing, but the fact is that I have not really listened to country that much. But it’s definitely not just for the sake of country music that I’m going to move to Nashville, it’s a thriving music scene for many other genres as well, says David.

Starting in August, you can follow David here at Studio where he will be blogging about his Nashville adventure.

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