New start for Studio!

By | April 5, 2021

IMG_4881_2.thumb.jpg.7320afd485b8ef446aae074a0185943b.jpgWe are finally starting the new start for Studio and it feels fantastically fun and exciting. This spring we had the opportunity to buy the brand from the previous owner IDG where Studio has been in all the years since we started in 2003. And the news that we are taking back the brand has really been met with fantastic response from the music industry which both warms enormously and spurs even more.

You get quite exactly this happy from it, and a little more when we were celebrated with luxurious princess cake by my wife My.

The shirts we are wearing were made by the member ierker here on the forum about thirteen years ago. Possibly sitting a little tighter today than then, but we have them! 😂

Viva la Studio – Long live Studio!