Native Instruments Massive X challenges with great opportunities

By | April 6, 2021


After years of sneak peeks, NI has finally released the sequel to the synth plugin Massive, which has not least been acoustically prominent in modern urban dance music for the past twelve years. The test map of what the plug can perform is impressive to say the least – the plug sounds absolutely fabulous.

2050334977_MassiveX1.thumb.png.d8e6f5bf0e55557e0dcac41f73d8f8b5.pngIf it costs money, it tastes great. Massive X sounds new and a lot.

With the risk of taking over, there are few, or no, synthesizers in this price range that have similar equipment and have such an arsenal of possibilities. Massive X is not for the tech-savvy if they want to start creating their own sounds. Here are very advanced functions for processing waveform tables, 170 against the predecessor 80, and various forms of
sequencing of sounds, both its components and rhythmics.

Of course, the plug is easy to use if you do not intend to create your own settings from ear to pastry. Unfortunately, Massive cannot import presets from the “old” Massive, which means that we currently have to make do with the 420 presets and our
hand-crafted sounds.

466494150_MassiveX2.thumb.png.c987d6e85a32344a22eca7873b229898.pngThe relationship with the Reaktor kit is clear, for example routing opportunities that are not to be played with.

It is very likely that a lush third-party market will emerge soon and that NI itself will release expansions that will at least initially be free. We like smart features like being able to assign macro settings for control from midi controls or automation.

1839274767_MassiveX3.thumb.png.c78f5d0a29943471a33494c3ddcfba91.pngRhythmic modulation matrix and sophisticated sequencer. Massive X can do most things.

The system requirements are quite tough and require the latest version of, for example, Logic, so users with older machines who can not upgrade do not bother. If you create some kind of music (or just sound) and want to be on the famous front end, you can not really miss Massive X.

Video: Introducing Massive X

Video: Dissect the preset: Massive X – Kesselbeat

Massive X

What: Software synthesis
Manufacturer / contact: Native Instruments
Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X
Format: Vst, Au, Aax (and soon independent programs)
Award: Approximately SEK 2,122