Luthman is back as a distributor

By | April 6, 2021


As Studio reported on October 15, the distributor Luthman SMTTS AB was filed for bankruptcy. Happily, we have been informed that the company, which is now called Luthman Nordic AB, is up and running again and takes orders as usual and delivers within a few days.

The company also announces that they have many items in stock and will be refilled shortly where there are gaps.

At the time of writing, Luthman is about to move to new premises in Rosersberg, just south of Arlanda outside Stockholm, and from 15 December, the entire head office’s operations will be managed from there.

Luthman Nordic AB is a distributor for Gibson, Alto, Blackstar, Cort, M-Audio, Apogee, K&M, Akai, GHS Strings and more.

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