Klevgränd Haaze II gives more stereo to the people

By | April 6, 2021

Wide is fat. Klevgränd’s latest works work well on both individual tracks and entire mixes.

Svenska Klevgränd has a long line of instrument and power plugs behind it. And, hopefully, in front of him. We are especially kind to the Grand Finale, an uncomplicated mastering plug in the budget class that has become a favorite of many home studio users.

Three years ago, Haaze was released, a stereo-width effect with a usual stylish look and which is easily quite nice. Now the sequel is here and as it should be, the product has been developed. The trick with stereo widening is that you want to be able to apply the effect to different frequency bands, for example so that bass and kick get some of the effect while guitar and cymbals get more of the product. It fixes Haaze II with bravura by dividing incoming sounds into 16 frequency bands which can then be delayed in time.

The listener thereby experiences that a sound is placed somewhere in the room, instead of only being panned to the right or left. Of course, the plug also works for mono-to-stereo maneuvers. The included settings provide a good sample map of what the effect can handle. You who dislike fussy and over-detailed effects will enjoy Haaz II, which practically does not need a manual. Klevgrändernas new stereo tool is a cost-effective solution that is also available for iOS.

By giving different frequency bands a volume boost, you can amplify or reduce the stereo effect.

Pan more! Under the Pan tab, you have full control of the right and left channels when mixing with Haaze II.

Video: Haaze 2 – Pro Stereo Tool

Haaze II

What: Stereo wideners
Manufacturer / contact: Klevgränd https://klevgrand.se
Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X
Format: Vst, Au, Aax and Auv3
Award: About 590 kronor