Is Kimafun an affordable cordless mosquito microphone?

By | April 5, 2021

I was recently asked to review a cordless mosquito microphone for Kimafun. I have been thinking about such a solution for a long time to make my video recording setup a little easier and more efficient. In the past, I have used a few different solutions. (In English at the bottom of the page).

For a while I recorded the sound with a good capacitor microphone through the sound card in the computer but it got a little awkward in some situations. I got one of the cheaper hand recorders from Zoom to be able to easily record my voice while I was filming. I have also tried with a microphone connected to the camera but once managed to tear down the whole camera thanks to it. With this in my luggage, I have therefore thought that a mosquito microphone that I can connect to the camera wirelessly would have been a brilliant thing so I do not have to sync the sound afterwards then. Unfortunately, most such solutions are relatively expensive. Therefore, I became a little interested when Kimafun asked if I wanted to review their cordless mosquito microphone as it costs about half of my Zoom recorder. The big question, of course, was whether it would hold up. Feel free to take a look at the video and hear for yourself how well Kimafun’s microphone works for the purpose.


How does the affordable wireless lav mic from Kimafun hold up?

I recently got the question from Kimafun to review their wireless lav mic. I’ve been thinking a while about a solution like that for my video setup. Earlier I’ve used a bunch of different solutions.

For a while I used a good condenser microphone plugged in to my computer, but it became a bit clumsily in some situations. I bought the most affordable hand recorder from Zoom to let me easily record my voice where ever I had my camera. I also tried with a microphone plugged directly to the camera but managed to turn over the hole thing. With that in mind I thought about a wireless lav mic connected to the camera would be perfect, since I do not even have to sync up the sound in post. Unfortunately most solutions like that are relatively expensive. That’s why I got intrigued when Kimafun asked me to do this review since it cost about half of my Zoom recorder. The big question is if it really holds up. Feel free to watch the video and hear for your self.

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