How To Make Beats

Are you wondering how to make beats? Then you came to the right place.


My name is Alex, and I’m a DJ from Southern California.My stage name is A-Trak ( A Come on! You must have heard that name before ha-ha ).

That’s enough about me let’s talk “How to make beats

First off all I’m getting sick of all this junk information about making beats. Every day a new so called “beat making software” shows up. And Since I need to stay updated with the latest music industry changes I come across way to much of this junk. Trust me!

Yes, you need software to make beats but that doesn’t mean you can make beats with just any software. You probably can, but not good beats. And that’s what we want right?

There is still software out there that produces beats in MP3! Every DJ should know that you produce beats in WAV. Nothing wrong with MP3, but the quality is not even close to the high quality you get with WAV.

So what you don’t want is software that produces beats in MP3.

Even worse are those online beat makers! You can’t make high quality beats online? It’s impossible. What happens when you finally get that creativity boost and your internet goes down or slow? Boom there goes that sick beat! And even more importantly, there is no way you can run high quality software online.

So if you really want to make beats, ignore online beat makers as the plague. Any decent beat maker will agree, just ask around.

I’m sorry for the rampage, but you will understand how frustrated it can be, once you start making your own beats.

When you go on a hunt for beat making software, You will want to consider some of the pointers on my checklist. ( It will save you money & time )

  1. Software that you can download and run from your laptop/pc
  2. Your beats should be exported in high quality WAV files.
  3. You need atleast a 8 pad drum machine.
  4. You need atleast a 14 track sequencer.
  5. And you want included kits.

If you still fall for the junk software out there, it’s not my fault. And for those that are looking for free beat making software, feel free to press the little cross in your browser & I wish you the best of luck making beats.

Want to know how I make beats?

I use software called dubturbo. Click here to visit. It’s cheap and has everything you need to produce good beats. Before dubturbo came out I used software like reason & fruityloops paying the full price of $400 up to $1500. You gotta love technology, everything gets cheaper and better. Only wished I would be updated a bit earlier so I could of spend that money on records.

I bought dubturbo for about $110 back in the days, and just upgraded to 1.5. Once your a dubturbo user you get all there upgrades for free. This might sound normal, but with most software you don’t get free upgrades.

Since I am quite well known in the DJ scene I arranged a discount offer on dubturbo. In exchange I had to promote dubturbo on the radio station power106 ( 105.9 Los Angeles Is the Bomb ) where I tune once a week. You might of heard it, if your from Southern California.

Click here to visit the official Dubturbo website with your 75% Discount.

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If you get the beats rolling, don’t forget to sent over a free beat to! So we can list it on our free beats page.

Thanks for reading: How To Make Beats

If you are not sure dubturbo is for you we recommend reading this Dubturbo Review. On there we compare this magical software with the top beat making software out there.

If you want to make beats dubturbo is your best choice, I know everything about making beats and you are lucky to even stumbled upon my advice. I don’t care whether you purchase dubturbo, take it our leave it.

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