Four stylish and smart studio furniture

By | April 6, 2021

Since Ikea discontinued the production of the classic Jerker, it has been difficult to find good and relatively cheap interiors that work well with mixers, computers, monitors and other hardware. But there are a bunch of options on the market that may be worth checking out when you plan to steer your production environment a few notches.

zaoryesk.thumb.jpg.b47198336613fa710006b93338447c25.jpgIn Romania, studio furniture is manufactured in designs that include both the modern and seriously Apple-inspired to more classic console designs that breathe 1950s and even older. We like the model Yesk which in several ways makes us think of Japan, which in this context is a good thing. Yesk costs around SEK 5,490 and more info is available on Zaor’s website.

This American manufacturer produces exclusive office furnishings in Silicon Valley and therefore the items cost accordingly. However, they can be seen and can be obtained in, for example, piano lacquer. NT is the name of the piece in the picture and it is intended for an 88-key keyboard and near-field monitors on their own wings (ha!) Which are placed on the side of the furniture and can be adjusted so that you get an optimal listening angle. NT costs from around SEK 20,000 and up. Read more at Omnirax.

Z-line Designs
Also based in California in the USA, Z-line has won several awards for its stylish and minimalist design, including this year’s office furniture in America in 2015. And, of course, this is about interior design for IT companies, but that does not stop us sees how the furniture can be used for music production and composition in a home environment. The model in the picture is called Belaire Glass “L” Desk and has a target price of SEK 1,050 plus shipping. More on Z-line Design’s site.

Of course, here we are approaching the old Ikea style, but the difference is that the furniture from On-Stage lacks wings for speakers and a special shelf for a desktop computer. But it’s close enough, in our opinion. The model WS7500 is available in different types of wood and the picture shows a variant where the shelves and the pull-out disc for keyboard or keyboard are in rosewood. The price lands at approximately SEK 1,060. Shipping will be added. More info on On-Stage’s website.