Emastered Atom promises a lot but does not stand the pressure

By | April 6, 2021

720091316_Atom1.png.f7eff566b53c4d79cba92d8298215d14.pngClear and neat. But the striking features shine with their absence.

With a wealth of marketing and quotes from grammy-winning producers, Emastereds Atom has been launched. And a lot looks right on paper – a straightforward subtractive synth plug that also looks great with the help of artificial intelligence.

When we step through the over 300 accompanying sounds, it sounds nice, but not startlingly fantastic. Three tone generators, four filters, five waveforms, two lfo’s, in short a highly ordinary software synthesis in an easy-to-understand interface.

If we ignore the name and brand collision with several other products in the same segment, then there are some things that are strange about Emastered first works. First of all, it is a fairly simple synthetic plug that hardly justifies its price. Secondly, AI technology is promised in the plug. We have not been able to find out what this technology consists of, let alone how it improves the sound.


When you play or sequence Atom, a rather crisp three-dimensional animation appears in the middle of the interface.

When we ask the manufacturer for technical information how AI technology works, the only answer we get is that it is the same algorithms for sound improvement under the hood of Atom as in the company’s online mastering service. Of course, that answer is not enough. Then the plug is pulled with some almost incomprehensible childhood diseases, where the impossibility of letting the modulation wheel control anything at all, ie not modulation, is the low-bottom mark.


The included sounds are divided in the usual way, however, there is no category for effect sounds, something that Atom can handle well.

Software development is at best difficult and decently time consuming. Here, the whole process seems to have gone far too fast. We can only hope that future updates and a more transparent communication in general can straighten out the ship, which at the time of writing is not tight.

Video: Introducing Atom


What: Software synthesis
Manufacturer / contact: Emastered
Operating system: Windows and Mac OS X
Format: Vst, Au, Aax
Award: Approximately SEK 1,829 (also available as a subscription service for SEK 183 / month)