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becoming a dubstep beat makerNeed Professional Dubstep Software That’s Easy To Use And Affordable? Start Here!

Hi and thanks for dropping in. I’ve been making electric dance music for years and when dubstep first emerged back in the 90’s I really took a liking to it. The trouble with dubstep back in those days was, it was a real pain in the butt to put together AND it took forever!

BUT I’ve been using some sick dubstep software lately that is so easy to use that ANYONE can use it to make spine tingling dubstep, EDM, techno or basically any genre of music FAST! Best of all, it wont cost you hundreds of dollars like the big boys use…

Introducing DUBTURBO…You’ve probably already heard of it because it’s one of the most popular dubstep software available for under $50(it’s actually only $39.95)…Check out their website here to see all the specs


Dubturbo is by far my favorite dubstep software and the reason for that is not just the price, it’s the ease of use. Everything is right there at your fingertips with just a mouse click. The software is already pre-loaded with a library full of wobble bass lines, wub wubs, hardcore drum sounds and samples which all sound professionally mastered.

You can use your mouse to draw in beats or use your computer keyboard then simply edit your tracks, throw in a few pre-made bass drops or create your own and listen how cool your track sounds.

I use Dubturbo on my Mac but it’s compatible with both Mac and PC computers. You can even use it on your laptop and handheld devices for making beats on the go as well!

I’ve been making my own music for years and selling it online so I need a good program that is easy to use so I can produce dubstep or EDM (electronic dance music) as fast as I can. As soon as I started using Dubturbo my productivity went up 60% and am now able to mass produce tracks which makes me a LOT more money!

Watch this quick video demonstrating some of the dubstep created with Dubturbo.

Download the software via Dubturbo.com

Who is Dubturbo dubstep software for?

  • If you’re new to making music or have very little skills then Dubturbo is perfect for you. It’s just so easy to use. It doesn’t matter if you want to make dubstep, EDM, hip hop, rap, techno or rock Dubturbo has the features, sounds and effects to do it all.
  • If you have a small budget then Dubturbo is a great entry level software. I use software that costs over $300 and still I find myself going back to Dubturbo because it’s so quick and easy to use.
  • Frustrated from complex software like FL Studio, Cubace or Ableton? Give Dubturbo – you’ll love how hassle free it is to learn.
  • Really, Dubturbo is for anyone who wants to make music.

Other dubstep software just can’t come close – it’s cheap, easy to use and just as professional as the more expensive programs!