Creating your own music universe with artist Lizette Lizette

By | April 5, 2021

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In this Monday interview, Lizette Lizette talks about how the latest single came about, the favorite synths in Reason and how the visuals play a big role in creating their own universe. With his unique sound, he has created his own genre queerbody.

This spring you released the single Scorpio, how did that song grow?
– It was an old demo from 2013 that I dusted off and developed together with my fantastic co-producer Gabriel Wagnberg. I think I did the demon in my moldy room in London when I had just discovered the Belgian genre New Beat. Then my text writing coincided with me being blown away on my 1st hand contract on Södermalm in Stockholm by a person I had known for a long time and really trusted, so it seemed natural to write a text about it. I have been interested in astrology since I was little and always warn people that I have the moon in Scorpio, so if you make me really pissed you can expect revenge and an eternally long resentment.

How do you usually work with lyrics?
– I probably always start from how I feel in the moment. I’m really an emotional person so I kind of have no choice, I’m so into the feeling I have at the moment so I can not help but dive deep into it. It usually goes very fast too, it’s like I get a clear vision and then the words just come to me as some kind of spiritual channeling.

Do you have any tools you return to when writing and producing?
– Yes, I always use Reason and their synths to create a sound. Thor has the best basses and lead synths while Subtractor has the best pads. I basically always use the arpeggio and the sequencer because I kind of always think it sounds good pretty fast then.

You have created your own genre queerbody, do you want to tell why?
– No, it’s a secret. Skoja! No, but it was because I did not feel that I fit into the existing genres / subcultures. I’re too silly for the synths / gothare, too “narrow” for pop and too lazy for all kinds of dance music. I also love to be inspired by untyped things, everything from latino to meditation music. I like to pick small parts from very different songs and see what happens if I put it together. Like a crazy professor type.

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When you play live, you have vogue dancers and video projections on stage, how does the visual play into your creation?
– I am very concept-thinking. I can not write a song without getting a music video in my head at once. Same with live shows. It just comes all at once. It is important for me with the whole, I want my audience to be absorbed in my universe that I have created and then the visual plays a very important role.

What are you up to date with in the future?
– I have my next record ready, it just needs a little visuals like videos and photos. Then I had actually planned to go to New York to live my best life and flourish in the only city I ever felt at home in. But it did not work out now because of Corona, so I’ll see when I get away. But next year there will probably be both record releases and New York and in the meantime I will try to grow up and train as an assistant nurse, get a driver ‘s license and fix permanent housing and maybe even a summer cottage. But when Corona is over and it’s done, I’ll be a crazy and free baby ass again!


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