Create width in your mixes with panning

By | April 3, 2021


To fit everything in a good way, you must use both depth and width in the right way. In this tip, we will talk about width. I will go into depth in the next two mixing tips. Often you pan a lot in the middle where the song should be, or leave “fat” pads, choirs and other things panned completely to the left or right in the stereo image. It thus tends to be very much in the middle of the stereo image, and completely to the left or right in the stereo image.

To create a more airy and wider mix, make sure you place different instruments with panning, in the middle and different amounts to the left and right. Very basic sounds should be in the middle of the stereo image together with the song, this because the mix can otherwise “tip” in one direction or another. The tipping sensation can also occur when different frequencies are unbalanced in the left or right, ie it is for example too basic instruments too far to the left or right.

For example, if you have a hi-hat a little to the right of the mix, you can have a shaker, tambourine, guitar or some other high-frequency instrument / sound on the opposite side, ie to the left of the sound image. If you have an electric piano on the left in the sound image, you can place the synthesizer a little to the right. Really try to see it in front of you like a fan and place the instruments so that there is balance and air between them.

Panorering.thumb.png.d0f6569820d8ad5c07e2237e47e485ad.pngSimple example of panning of various instruments