Collaborations and music production with Amr Badr

By | April 7, 2021

1216040464_1.AmrBdr_DopestXPuma_red.thumb.jpg.ac6900c66ec283f2f44808183205b0af.jpgAmr Badr, Photo: Dopest X Puma

Amr has several nominations in his pocket – including for P3 Gold, Manifesto and Grammys, and was previously part of the well-known music collective RMH (Respect My Hustle).

In this Monday’s interview, Amr talks about how new productions usually emerge, how important it is that the chemistry is correct during sessions (recording) with others and what he is up to in the near future.

Where do you start when you open a new project in Logic?
– I usually start by finding some chords on Logic’s own Rhodes or some type of sample from the site Splice (which has royalty sound). I really love Splice because it can give you so many ideas from just one sample and can help you get started very quickly. It can easily be assumed that the sample is with me all the time or that I simply remove it completely after a while because the song has been formed into a foundation where it is no longer needed. After that, I usually choose to go to drums and make sure it feels right for the foundation I have laid out. Then, slowly but surely, I build up the beat and look up what I am missing in the parts that exist.

What ingredients would you say are most important to you in a production?
– For me, it has always been the choice of sound. The choice of sound almost immediately puts its mark on the production. I always choose the sounds that feel purest and the ones that hit hardest to avoid working too much on them. I usually do not touch my sounds too much, I usually like them as they are. If I were to make some kind of change in the sound itself, I usually go for simple EQs or some type of effect to highlight the parts of the sound I love the most.

When collaborating with others, what does a session usually look like?
– A session with others can look very different. Sometimes I sit and top lines, another time I produce and sometimes I do both. Usually we all work in the room on everything together. I like when the artist / songwriter helps me build the production.

1939703643_2.AmrBdrDopestXPuma_red.thumb.jpg.fcb910e6955912cad77bcaad28a73535.jpgAmr Badr, Photo: Dopest X Puma

Do you have any tips and tricks to get good sessions?
– I usually sit and talk to the artists / songwriters for a while before we start working. I want to get to know the people – what they like about music, where they are somewhere in life, what irritates them right now, if they may have been through a breakup or maybe met someone new – all possible just to get to know them so you understand what makes them tick. Chemistry is extremely important. That’s exactly why I do not work with so many. I usually want to feel some other type of bond with the person in addition to the music. I should be able to hang out with the person outside the studio as well. Because at the end of the day, I give a part of myself to him and I do not give it to anyone.

And last but not least – what are you up to in the future?
– Right now I am up to date with Ana Diaz for So Much Better, a couple of songs with Yasin coming out soon and two songs with two Norwegian artists from Nora Collective.


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