Build your own LP shelves

By | April 5, 2021

Regardless of whether you produce music that is released on vinyl or just like LPs as a format, you agree that it is nice. And with that, it’s really great to show off. (In English at the bottom of the page).

There are different types of shelves for LPs to buy but most are either expensive or rather clumsily designed. So this week has not made a video about sound production, but instead I show how you can build your very own LP shelves with a relatively stylish design. I still think this is highly relevant as I produce a lot of music that is released on vinyl, and found a place in the studio where they could be shown. So forward with tools and wood, now we build!


Build your own DIY LP shelves

Regardless if you produce music that are released on vinyl or of you just like the LP as a format you probably agree that it looks cool. And by that it’a also a nice thing to show off. There are some types of LP shelves available but they are usually either expensive or bulky in their design. So this week I did not make a video about audio production, but instead I will show you how to build your own LP shelves with a relatively sleek design. I find this highly relevant since I mostly produce music that are released on vinyl, and I found a spot in the studio where it would be nice to put some of them on display. So bring your tools and wood, and let’s build!

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