Best Dubstep Maker

WUB WUB WUB….Make that bass drop! Yo, have you ever wondered how you can make your own dubstep? If so then I’m going to show you how to the EASY way!

First you’re going to need some GOOD software to make dubstep. Don’t stress….you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on the best dubstep maker out there. We’ve been using one program and it’s so easy to use, you will wish you started using it earlier!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Dubturbo? If not, check it out. It’s what we use to make SICK bass drops and wobbles! You can make all sorts of beats with it as well but we like it so much because of how easy it is and it’s super affordable.


For a $39.95 program Dubturbo is one powerful piece of software for making your own dubstep music. Because we sell our beats and tracks it’s important to have a program that’s fast and easy to use. That way we can produce quantity as well as quality in half the time.

Other dubstep makers can cost you more than $200 and that’s without adding the cost for dubstep plugins you need to make bass drops, wobbles and wub wubs..

With Dubturbo, it’s a one time fee and you get updates for life, video tutorials, fully functional software with hundreds of sounds and samples. This is why we choose to use Dubturbo for making dubstep.

Another GOOD Dubstep Maker!

FL Studio

fl studio screenshot

We have also found that FL Studio is another good program to make dubstep. It will cost you around $249 but it is a very powerful piece of software that can do just about anything! FL Studio is one of the most popular music programs online but it does take a bit to learn. With so many features it can be very overwhelming for newbies or those who want to upgrade to a more professional software.

We often use FL Studio for our bigger tracks. Combining both Dubturbo and FL Studio together gives you the ultimate weapon for making sick dubstep!

Interested In Selling Your Beats?

If you want to make some cash doing what you love then selling your beats is a very rewarding way to make money online. Most people don’t even know you can sell beats online but there is a very hungry audience out there that are ready to buy pre made beats for their needs.

All you need is some good beat making software, a computer and a creative mind! For a FULL step by step guide check out this link on how to sell beats!