Beats Software

Beats Software

So you are looking for making beats software? Then you came to the right place.

We are all about “making sick beats” and we know exactly what good making beats software is. Since all the good software cost money we are going to help you pick the right one.

If you are looking for freebies, feel free to close this page & play around with your grandmothers kitchenware.

First of all with good making beats software you can produce beats within any genre. Whether it’s house, rap or reggae beats, With good software you should be able to make the sickest beats in any genre.

Making beats software should have no influence on whether your making house or rap beats. It is your creativity & the kits that make it possible to get that rawr dirty south beat NOT your software.

So when you are looking for software, don’t focus on the type of beats you want to create. There we go, That’s tip number 1.

To make this simple for you we are going to tell you exactly what you will want in good making beats software.

  • You need a track sequencer with at least 14 tracks or higher. If you go lower then that you will be very limited.

Not sure what a track sequencer is? Let us explain it to you in monkey language.

When you for example tap the table in a certain rhythm you will need 1 track to save this on. So your first track will sound like you tapping on a table. ( duh )

If you only had one track you would only have a beat made of you tapping the table. Wouldn’t really be a sick beat right? ( You might be really good at tapping a table thought ) So you need more tracks.

So for the second track we are going to smash a beer bottle every 5 seconds, to save this sound you will need a second track.

Now you have a beat with on the first track tapping the table & the sound of breaking beer bottles.

With 14 tracks or less you will be limited to the amount of sounds you can produce in one beat. That’s why we recommend to have 14 tracks or more, Around 17 tracks is perfect.

  • You need a PAD DRUM machine.

The pad drum machine is used to tap a selected sound. So instead of tapping the table or breaking beer bottles you use the pad drum machine.

  • You need sound kits.

It is quite useful when making beats software comes with sound kits. Instead of creating your own sounds, like breaking a beer bottle you can simply choose between thousands of already created sounds. But don’t just rely on sounds kits from making beats software, because you can score insane sound kits anywhere on the net! ( Make sure the kits are not copyrighted, Otherwise you won’t be able to sell your beats ) And you can always start creating your own sick sounds when you get the hang of it.

  • You need a build in keyboard.

If you don’t have a keyboard laying around it’s needed to have a build in keyboard in the software. It works exactly the same except you don’t have a real keyboard. You will use this to build your beats.

To make your decision even easier we selected the top software out of 18 others.