A perfect production is not perfect

By | April 5, 2021


A few weeks ago I wrote about reference songs (here in an updated version) and how these can help you to better productions. However, many people make the mistake of striving for the “perfect” mix in connection with these, which often leads to some problems.

First of all, there is no universal answer to what a perfect mix is ​​(and luckily it is). Or, by the way, a perfect mix would be one that everyone likes, which of course is not possible. In my opinion, there is nothing more boring than music that does not challenge. It may be purely in terms of production, lyrics or the composition of the song. Music that only exists to sound good is music for musicians and not for the listeners. To dare to stand out, to break patterns is therefore a must to move forward in one’s creation. This is of course a rough generalization, but can still be good to remind yourself of from time to time.

When I look back at the records or bands that have inspired me over the years, it is often music that has dared to do something new. I remember, for example, when I heard Sparklehorse It’s a wonderful life for the first time and my whole musical worldview was turned upside down. How could music sound so broken but at the same time be so beautiful? It was someone other than the perfectionist in me who woke up to life and was shaken.

And with the risk of sounding fuzzy: So it is when you understand that music is about emotions and not frequencies, that you will really reach the listener. Whether your music is played on the kitchen radio, car or stereo. Or as someone said: “It’s shit the same if the bass keg sounds poff or tjong if the song is not good”.

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