8 ways to create music together online

By | April 6, 2021



We dive directly into one of the more advanced solutions on the market. And then we mean the technology behind it. Not advanced as in difficult to use. Audiomover has a plug-in called Listento that you use to listen to and record audio tracks from other people’s online recording programs. This opens up almost unlimited possibilities for musical collaborations at a distance. Provided that they also have an account with Audiomover and have installed the plug. By messing around a bit with the latency (delay), it works well if you have a fixed connection with at least 4 Mbit / s. Keep in mind that you may want to have more cream in the line for video conferencing.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Plug format: Au, aax and vst
Award: Approximately SEK 40 per week or SEK 99 per month
Link: audiomovers.com


One of the earliest web-based recording programs that still maintains the style. Bandhub also markets a series of very compact sound cards. This is about collaborative music in the form of shared documents. The recording program is also available for iOS and Android, which can contribute to spontaneity in the project. Bandhub has many good features, built-in free pitch correction (type Auto-Tune or Melodyne) is perhaps the feature that most appeals to the younger abilities. The service extends beyond the average of the web-based music programs by being completely free and offering generous storage space.

Platform: iOS, Android and web
Award: Free
Link: www.bandlab.com


With the help of both Moby and Erasure, Blend has emerged as an interesting alternative for online collaboration. The service means that you either upload recordings via a program on your computer or via a web browser, or mix in a cloud service. Then you can collaborate with others you find by following them in familiar social media manner. What sets Blend apart from many other sites is that you can sell your music, or individual tracks. Then Blend takes some of the cake. Because Blend should work smoothly with your recording software, the service has direct support for most, but not all. Check the list on the website before you start.

Platform: Window, Mac and web
Award: Free to use, for sold music, Blend takes 30 percent of the revenue
Link: blend.io

Endless FM


Behind Endless FM is, among others, software innovator and producer Tim Exile. Here, jamming is at the forefront, which is a refreshing initiative among all services that work with non-linear production technology. We should not hide behind the fact that Endless FM has its emphasis on modern urban popular music. In other words, a lot of loops apply. The interface is smart and so are the features. Especially the automatic beat sync. However, Endless FM is limited in that at the time of writing they only work on Apple’s mobile devices. Version for Android should be imminent. You can also pre-order a dedicated version for computer here.

Platform: iOS (Android, macOS and Windows coming soon)
Award: Free, while upcoming studies and programs cost around SEK 890
Link: endlesss.fm

Kompoz Studio


Here is the service for you who lack one or more band members or want to sell your musical skills. In Kompoz, you create a “gig” that often consists of a demo that you want someone (or some) to contribute their instrument contributions to. When you create a gig, other users can register their interest and you can by checking their profiles and auditioning hold a kind of audition. Then you decide on a musician and get started. One thing we like about Kompoz is that the service is very careful with rights so that there is no fuss later in the year. It is usually the creator of the gig who owns the rights.

Platform: Webb
Award: From SEK 50 per gig and up
Link: www.kompozstudio.com

Ohm Studio


Ohm Force is a real classic when it comes to plugs for Windows and Mac. Here, the developers have gone in another direction and developed an independent program with full focus on collaborations over the internet. By definition, Ohm Studio does not manage collaborations in real time, but close up, because what is recorded (midi or sound) immediately becomes available to the others who have been given access to the project. The program supports vst plugs on Mac and Windows, but not Audio Units (Mac). Another thing to keep track of is that if you work with external plugs, those you work with must also have them installed for them to be able to hear and change what you do.

Platform: Windows and Mac
Award: Free, but there are premium versions for SEK 390 and up
Link: www.ohmstudio.com

Pro Collabs


As the name suggests, this is a service that is primarily aimed at those who invest quite seriously in their music. Pro Collabs has two legs. On the one hand, you as an amateur (or professional) can hire vocalists and instrumentalists to play on your productions. On the other hand, it is free for you who want to sell your skills on the open market. It’s not just about creating a profile and logging in, which is usually the usual approach. No, here you must have links to your music or solo performances which are then checked by living people before you are approved and admitted. Good features overall and we guess that the exclusivity of the membership process increases the attractiveness of Pro Collabs in some, but not all.

Platform: Webb
Award: Free, and various premium services are available for a fee
Link: www.procollabs.com



Swedish Soundation is at the forefront when it comes to web-based recording programs. Now they have launched Collab Live, a new functionality that the company calls “like Google Docs, but for music”. In other words, you can see and hear real-time changes, recordings and midi tracks that your fellow musicians make. So you see the other markers moving on the screen, which is an experience in itself. There are no restrictions on how many participants can work on a project at one time. Soundation also has a large library with instruments, loops and effects for the music production itself. We recommend some form of voice or video communication with Collab Live.

Platform: Webb
Award: Free for a project and about SEK 70 a month for unlimited access
Link: soundation.com

Two bonus tips:



We add this service as a bonus tip because it has been paused due to the ongoing pandemic. But if you have ever dreamed of hearing your works with the backing of a string ensemble or a whole damn orchestra, Musiversal has a narrow but very interesting solution. The crux is that it assumes that you can write music on a score, or know someone who can. You deliver a pdf with the arrangement plus a Pro Tools file with tempo. Then your scar is recorded by professional classical musicians and you get audio files in return. The results we hear have sounded very good. Musiversal also mediates contacts between composers and, for example, film companies.

Platform: Webb
Award: From around SEK 5,500 and up
Link: www.musiversal.com

Mixakuten Studio


If you want constructive feedback or want to get on with your mix, you should of course not miss the Mixakuten here at studio.se. The service has a simple basic idea: you upload a piece of the song that you need help with free of charge, write a little short about what you want help with – especially what you think is missing or what does not feel right. Then professionals comment on your request and give you tips on how to do it. Once you have received a comment from the professional, the topic will be opened up to others, which means that you can get even more tips – but Mixakuten is also a knowledge bank for you to browse through other songs and comments. At the time of writing, each member can receive help at Mixakuten up to twice.

Platform: Webb
Award: Free
Link: studio.se/mixakuten